physician assisted suicide ( for an ethics in healthcare class)

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Physician Assisted Suicide Abstract Mercy killing euthanasia or physician assisted suicide is one of the controversial subjects in the present world. Some people believe that a person in hope condition can decide whether to continue his life in pathetic conditions or not.


Euthanasia is classified into two types; active euthanasia and passive euthanasia. This paper compares active and passive euthanasia and analyzes the arguments in favor and against performing physician assisted suicide. Physician Assisted Suicide In the United States, physician-assisted suicide is legal only in Oregon. The Oregon Death With Dignity Act was passed in November 1994 by a margin of 51% to 49%. After multiple legal proceedings prevented its enactment, the Act became law on October 27, 1997. In November 1997, 60% of voters voted against Measure 25, which would have repealed the Act. The Death With Dignity Act legalizes physician-assisted suicide but prohibits euthanasia (Facts and Statistics on Euthanasia, 2010) Physician assisted suicide (PAS) and euthanasia are slightly different even though the purpose of both remains the same. PAS is a kid of suicide performed with the help of a physician as the name suggests whereas euthanasia is the intentional ending of life of a person by the physician. Euthanasia or PAS are normally performed when a patient happens to be in a no hope condition and suffers severe pain and agony. Proponents of PAS believe that there is no point in sustaining the life of a patient in pathetic condition, if the hope for survival is zero. ...
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