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Clients Name Name of Professor Name of Class Date Physician Assisted Suicide in the United States Introduction Physician assisted suicide has long been a topic of controversy, creating a stream of theories that approach the topic from angles such as the psychiatric side of the event to the moral and ethical side of the debate.


One of the most common reasons for people to make the choice to end their life, outside of mental health issues, is because they have been diagnosed with an incurable disease or condition that will create a burden financially, create a burden of care on the family, and/or will cause a great deal of pain if life is not ended before full deterioration occurs. The primary debate on the legalization of physician-assisted suicide seems to be centered on the idea that if made legal, the use of it as an end treatment would be abused and patients would be vulnerable through the absence of alternative care. Because the nature of medical treatment has been commercialized and the availability of good care is often subject to the amount of money available to the patient, the use of physician-assisted suicide might become a focus of how to care for a number of patients who have no alternative resources, rather than providing substantive care where availability is decreased. The focus of the debate, in order to create a system in which the least possible harm is developed, is in the fear of the abuse of the treatment by doctors. Suicide Emile Durkheim in his discourse on the topic of suicide challenges the reader to consider if it is different for a person in a psychosis to hallucinate and walk off the edge of a building than it is for someone to take an action knowing that it will result in death. ...
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