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Running Head: Risk Management in Aquatics Profession Risk Management in Aquatics Profession [Writer’s Name] [Institute’s Name] Risk Management in Aquatics Profession Introduction This paper is an attempt to explore various aspects of risk management in aquatics profession.


The same would be done with the help of briefly highlighting the literature available on the same and shedding some light on related researches and cases. Discussion Without any doubts, aquatics is one of those profession where professionals have to deal with a lot of risk and in the absence of effective risk management plans and techniques, the liability may become unbearable for the organizations. If organizations and pool managers fail to manage and deal with the risk in an effective manner then they might not only end up with losing customers due to injuries and other incidents but also with huge liability claims. Furthermore, stakeholders are also putting a lot of pressure on the staff and professionals to engage in preventive practices and fire prevention rather than fire fighting1. Risk management is present in other professions as well but the nature of aquatic risk management is much different from the generalized form of risk management. Important here to note is that aquatic environments have a tendency to change very quickly, within hours and at times, within a few minutes. Furthermore, at many occasions, these changes are not even predictable for the experts. ...
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