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Class 1: Question 1 In the assigned article, the descriptive statistics used refers to the amount of practicing nurses surveyed that use research to amass new knowledge when treating patients. The article first details a study encompassing the responses of 760 practicing nurses nationwide and their methods for seeking information regarding current research knowledge.


The meaning of the purpose of the study refers to the objective or expected outcome of the study and what the researcher hopes to achieve from conducting the research. A nurse leader can use descriptive statistics as a baseboard by which to form the justification for the proposed course of action. Properly interpreted, descriptive statistics can be very convincing in their portrayal of the efficacy of a proposed solution to a problem or implications of the use of a specific method. Through practice, I have used and experienced the use of descriptive statistics in support of specific evaluative procedures or changes in procedural methods used to treat patients. The interpretation of a well-researched article or series of articles detailing successful application of the procedural methods on patients with the same or similar afflictions can serve as a justification for trial procedures within the institution or demonstrative research to determine if this method would be effective in your facility. Class 1: Question 2 Confidence intervals are used in research to assess the reliability of the results obtained (Confidence Intervals, 1999). ...
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