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Research Paper example - Economic Consequences of Ageism on the Elderly and the American Healthcare System

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Research Paper
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Running head: ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES OF AGEISM ON THE ELDERLY AND THE AMERICAN HEALTH CARE SYSTEM Economic Consequences of Ageism on the Elderly and the American Healthcare System Author’s name Name of institution ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES OF AGEISM ON THE ELDERLY AND THE AMERICAN HEALTH CARE SYSTEM Abstract The word “ageism” was invented in 1968 by Robert Butler…

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Elderly patients do not get sufficient awareness of preventive measures as compared to younger patients. Clinical treatment trials generally keep out elderly people in their 70s from participating in the surveys. Doctors give less attention to the mature patients in case of limited resources. Old persons have less employment opportunities and have a lower pay scale as compared to younger employees. The 1967 Equal Employment opportunity Commission provides protection to job applicants and employees from discrimination on the basis of mature age. Aged Americas are an important part of society and can still contribute towards nation building. Key words: ageism, stereotype, old, health care ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES OF AGEISM ON THE ELDERLY AND THE AMERICAN HEALTH CARE SYSTEM The word “ageism” was coined in 1968 by Robert Butler. The media accepted the term and later it found its way into The Oxford English Dictionary. Ageism has been reported by many old persons and is widely present in the country’s establishment resulting in bigotry in the media, workplace, healthcare and language. ...
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