Evaluating Research for Health Care

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Evaluating Research for Health Care Name Course Tutor Date Introduction My case study is ideally based on the use of intravenous quinine sulfate remains to treat severe malaria. My aim is to give room for the nurse to get a chance to their esthetic and get to know the meaning of caring in their practice by reflecting on the caring efforts.


Severe malaria is prevalent globally, yet is an uncommon disease posing a challenge to education in nonendemic countries. Severe malaria refers to the malaria with signs of end organ dysfunction, as manifested by comma, pulmonary edema, renal failure, circulatory collapse, or severe anemia. Malaria accounts for over a million deaths per year. A very useful aspect of the severe malaria case management is pre-referral treatment that is administered to patient with severe malaria before they are referred to a health facility as explained by Beauchamp & Childress, (2001 P.78). This is crucial, as most malaria deaths, particularly in Africa, take place outside the hospitals, either in the communities or at a lower level of care. Studies evaluating the role rectal articulate and as a pre-referral treatment have found that these options are highly efficacious. However, the biggest challenge faced in resource-limited settings has been the non-availability of these preparations in health centers. Scenario Background The scenario involved a 35-year old female who complains of fever, vomiting, headache, and malaise within a weak after having visited a friend in Kenya. She has vomited three times a day and has experienced some loose stool. ...
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