Nursing Analysis, Assesment and Care Plan

Nursing Analysis, Assesment and Care Plan Essay example
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Nursling analysis, assessment and Care plan Abstract The goal of this paper is to analyze, asses and identify social, cultural and or relationship problems in the given family, which resulted in the child's current condition, and formulate a necessary interventions and care plan in order to provide nursing care in the child's health and development, as well as aim to find a appropriate solution to the child's current psychological and physical issues.


This makes a family assessment a good approach to take in determining how to provide assistance and care to our patient and finding out what steps to take in order to provide long term wellness. A family assessment should contain discussions regarding the type of family, family finance, safety, health, emotional support within the family and outside the family and family roles. (Pillittery, 2007). This will be the guide that this paper will use in order to gain the necessary information it needs in order to create an appropriate conclusion. This will also help in the paper's goal, which is to provide recommendations on nursing recommendations for a six(6) week period. ...
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