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Reflective Learning Introduction Theory and practice are two distinct features in nursing where knowledge comes first through learning of theories, and then, theories are implemented once the nurse encounters the patient. There are notable differences between theory and practice although theory is important for a practicing nurse as many information would now be needed in order to perform properly.


Discussion During the actual encounter with the patient, I had to make the patient comfortable by introducing myself, and telling her I was her nurse, asking how the patient feels prior to inviting her to sit down and giving her instructions, with eye contact while we talk. I made sure that I was attentive, not only listening, but also mentally taking note of the patient’s body gestures, facial expression, and fears, if any. Through these gestures towards the patient, I was able to make her feel relaxed and comfortable (Tollefson, 2010). During the interview establishing identity of the patient and the reason for the visit, I had to note how the patient feels and limit the question and answer on matters with regards to her health, current condition and history. This way, I was able to maintain professionalism as well as make the patient feel safe and respected (Kuiper and Pesut, 2004). I also noted if there were communication problems, such as language barrier, or communication discomfort on the part of the patient. Fortunately, the patient was easy to talk with. Throughout the interview, I encouraged her to talk about her health issue or issues but avoiding much prodding as well as repetition of topic. ...
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