Florence Nightingale and her Philosophy of Nursing

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FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE AND HER PHILOSOPHY OF NURSING BIOGRAPHY  Florence nightingale was the daughter of Embly Park, a wealthy landowner and was born on 12th may,1820, in Italy. Her father was also involved in anti slavery movements. In her childhood Florence was very close to her father and he took responsibility of her education and taught her every thing from history, Greek, Latin to philosophy and mathematics.


As nursing was assumed as a working class profession at that time Florence had to face a very rough patch of her life, trying to explain to her family and society , the significance of it. But her courage never wavered especially when she met Elizabeth Blackwell, who was the first women Doctor in U.S finally in 1851; her father gave her permission to train as a nurse.(Matheson,1913) She later went to Germany to pursue her aim to be a nurse. Florence Nightingale worked in a military hospital in 1853 as most of the soldiers were dying due to Cholera and Malaria. She found the form of the hospital was dreadful. The reason she observed was absence of sanitation, lack of food and warmth for the wounded soldiers. After enduring with these circumstances she formed a theory which was successful and is practiced and followed by many. The main focus of her theory was on the environment and the patient’s reaction to it. Her belief was, if alternation in the surroundings are made nature helps patient to heal. The foundation of her theory depended upon environment, patient, health and nursing. ...
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