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Therapeutic Communication Communication is the process of transferring information from one source to another. There are seven essential components of the communication process and each of those components play a vital role in the success of the communication process.


Next component, message, is a note on any subject matter sent from the sender to the receiver. Message can be verbal or nonverbal and it can be the expression of anything, which may include a feeling, an opinion, an order, or a suggestion. Encoding is the third component. Use of pictures, words, and body language to send a message properly to the receiving end is known as encoding of the message. The fourth component is channel. The channel is the way through which a sender sends a message to a receiver. In case of long-distance communication, the channel can be electronic mail, telephone, or web chat. Whereas spoken words are used in case of personal contacts where no electronic channel is required for the delivery of message. Next component, receiver, is the person or a group of people who receives the message sent by the sender. Receiver can be anyone to whom the sender sends the message. For example, in organization settings, the receiver can be anyone related to the organization. Decoding is also a major component. Decoding means to understand the message sent by the sender. Decoding is the job of the receiver who tries to understand the meaning of the received message using common perceptions and understanding the word meanings. The last component of communication is. It not only encourages the sender of the message but also helps the sender know whether he/she is going in the right direction or not. ...
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