Research Analysis: Nursing Preceptorship

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NURSING PRECEPTOSHIP RESEARCH ANALYSIS Developed countries all around the world are facing shortage of registered nurses. The increase demand in health care services, fewer no. of nursing professors and the aging population of the nursing workforce, is a cause of shortage.


Preceptorship is defined as a one to one relationship between a registered nurse and a nursing student whose purpose is to introduce a student to a clinical environment and orient them to the intense experience of learning in a practical mode. Preceptors introduce orientees to gain nursing skills, patient dealing, protocols and unit culture of nursing. This program enables them to learn and become competent enough to demonstrate basic unit skills by the end of the course. Students recently graduated from nursing school face difficulties when it comes to implementation part. They are pushed into a situation where one needs time and observation to implement the acquired knowledge. The main cause of the under stress nurses was found to be , lack of confidence in learnt skills, incomplete in critical thinking and clinical knowledge, correlation with patients and preceptors, dependence, frustrating work environment. Thus preceptors are essential to role model the professional attitude and skills which enable the orientees to learn and grasp them practically. This researched discovered how quickly orientees learn to implement clinical knowledge and nursing skills through preceptor orientation learning programs. The significance of preceptorship during nursing school is accepted and has been a part of nursing training program. ...
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