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Concept Analysis Paper Anxiety

In other words, the paper would provide basis for research and management of anxiety related disorders and at the same time acting as an educational tool in the nursing field (Bouras & Holt, 2007). The purpose of this analysis was to demystify anxiety as a clinical condition. It will give a several insight into various features of the concept and examine the different consequences of this condition on patients. Anxiety and other related conditions are some of the most common mental reasons for seeking medical help today. A recent study statistics indicated that 25% of the global population have exhibited signs of anxiety. This therefore is a serious worrying trend for nursing practitioners and medical profession in general as it signifies serious medical health problem. Consequently, the need for concept analysis in anxiety would act as an important tool through which nurses can enhance their management skills as far as anxiety is concerned (Hayes and Strosahl, 2004) Definition of concept In common usage anxiety is a defense mechanism that triggers in the mind. This state when blown out of proportion can result to a serious psychological problem. It can also be defined as thoughts or worrying about the future events which can either be good or bad, meaning that a person who is worried about is future can suffer from anxiety. ...
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Concept analysis of anxiety Name: Course: Professor: Date: Introduction This paper is a complete analysis of anxiety as a concept in nursing. This report would briefly define some of the concepts related to the anxiety. This would be followed by brief description of the occurrence of anxiety in three different case studies…
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