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Concept Analysis: Pain Management Introduction Current statistics reveal that 116 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, which puts a financial burden of $635 billion to the US in treatment and lost productivity (Kevin, n.d.). Chronic pain has a further disadvantage as it increases the risk of depression and suicide (Kevin, n.d.).


Although pain is usually an acute condition following immediately after injury or malfunction of an internal organ, it can be a chronic issue in patients afflicted with terminal disease, especially different types of cancers. Pain relieving pharmacological agents or analgesics offer temporary relief, which is often accompanied with undesirable side effects. Alternative, less invasive techniques to relieve pain include patient counseling, massage, elimination of the precipitating factor and physiotherapy. Pain management skills are an essential component of good nursing practice, especially for patients with grievous injuries, those in recovery stage after surgery for chronic and neoplastic disorders. Cancer patients with chronic pain usually need cognitive-behavioral strategies to handle the heavy symptom burden they experience (Kwekkeboom et al, 2010). Terminally ill patients with multiple organ failure, cancer and immunodeficiency diseases such as AIDS need special palliative nursing care over a prolonged period, in the clinical setting as well as at home. ...
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