Cultural Sensitiveness: Core of the Client Centered Care

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Cultural Sensitiveness: Core Of The Client Centered Care Name of the student Name of the University Definition ‘Hispanic’ is the name used to describe the identity, origin and descent of those people who live in the United States but whose ancestral origin is in Latin American countries like Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, South America etc (U.S.


Interestingly, the cultural beliefs and values even influence the health related care and intervention decisions of people from Hispanic ethnic background (Poma, 1987, p.929). Hence, it becomes important for people working in nursing profession to understand the cultural values, traditions and practices related to the aspect of health and medical care during life transition. Implication Of Cultural Traditions on Child Birth Birth of a child is one of the most important, exciting and blissful event in a woman’s life. It is time when the woman and her family are full of hope, happiness and excitement. Hence, the whole family is emotionally involved with the woman who is pregnant, and tries to give her all the comfort and support that she needs. However, what really plays an important role in the developing phases of pregnancy, and the process of child birth, are the culture values, traditions and beliefs that are related to the process of child birth. Different cultures have different values, beliefs and practices associated with child birth. ...
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