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Instructional Technology/Potential Employer Requirements - Essay Example

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USE OF TECHNOLOGY IN INSTRUCTIONAL DELIVERY OF NURSING/HEALTHCARE Introduction In modern days, technology has become a major factor in performance of organizations. In the education industry, technological strategies are rapidly evolving especially in the instructional delivery…

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Instructional Technology/Potential Employer Requirements

For example, we have admissions department dealing with registrations, finance department dealing with payments and so on. We will try to emphasize on the main departments of educational institutions like academics and examinations. The most widely used technology is the local intranet in universities and colleges followed by the web-based instruction system. These technologies have helped reduce learning costs to students as well as employment costs to the institution. It has also helped institutions to deliver more quality education to clients. Faculty use of technology in instructional delivery in nursing/healthcare programs Technology in education has been evolving radically. This ranges from small classrooms confined to face-to-face lectures, large classrooms with each student having headphones and a microphone to respond to the lecturer in front, lecture halls with each student having a computer (preferably a high speed internet laptop) installed with common software, headphones, web-cams and so on. These methods are highly preferred since they have a more personal appeal and interaction among the students and lecturers that necessitates effective learning. In the faculty of nursing/healthcare, programs are divided into three main parts i.e. management, theory and practice. ...
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