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Scenerios Scenario One In the scenario, Myra is concerned about her children’s chances of getting breast cancer as both she and her mother had been diagnosed with the cancer, with her mother dying young, while Myra herself had undergone chemotherapy. Although, most breast cancers occur sporadically and are not inherited, a small proportion is passed on through families.


Myra was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 48, indicating that it is likely that her cancer was sporadic rather than inherited, however this does not rule out the possibility of the cancer being heritable. In contrast, her mother died from cancer at a ‘young’ age, which suggests the possibility that this was an inherited susceptibility. The fact that there is a chance that the susceptibility may have been inherited means that I would have raised the possibility of a referral with Myra on the basis of her family history alone. The presence of a defective gene, which can be passed from parent to child, results in the child having up to an 80% probability of getting cancer at some point in their lifetime . There are many benefits to genetic counselling, including an increased understanding of whether the disease is inherited and what the chances that offspring will inherit it are . Many different things are inherited genetically; a child may inherit his mother’s blue eyes, or his father’s nose shape as well as the susceptibility to a particular disease that is present on his father’s side of the family. ...
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