Case Scenario of a Patient with Left Vascular Accident (CVA /Stroke)

Case Scenario of a Patient with Left Vascular Accident (CVA /Stroke) Essay example
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Case Scenario of a Patient with Left Vascular Accident (CVA /Stroke)
I. Formative Assessment Opportunity for Learning
This paper is about the case scenario of a patient with Left Vascular Accident (CVA/Stroke).


The holistic point of view of nursing care among patients with cerebrovascular accident can be applied in this case for this will open the door for us to grow more personally and professionally as a whole. Moreover, it had also given us insights on how to deal with our clients in a holistic manner as well as an overview on certain issues at work that must be tacked on. Inter and intradisciplinary communication which may strengthen the teamwork among the healthcare team managing the patient must also be discussed in the paper. The theoretical perspectives of communication will be explained wonderfully and proper communication skills that include the explanation on engagement, skills in listening, empathy, and warmth will be expounded as well. The most import part of this paper is practicing value formation through holistic nursing care of the patient with cerebrovascular accident. This includes the application of management about caring, dignity, and respect in care among the patients. The aforementioned values are always taken for granted in the nursing practice, especially with the current trend and advances of technology and nursing shortages, the holistic approach to the emotional needs of the patients that preserves their dignity is already forgotten. ...
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