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Running head: Qualitative General Depression Name: Course name: Course instructor: Date: Qualitative General Depression Introduction Adolescent depression is a serious disorder which is marked by prevalence rate of approximately 5% along with significant rates of relapse and mortality.


The purpose of our study was to investigate adolescent’s experiences with depression: how depression affected their relationship, their academic performance, their behavior with family members as well as treatment they have received. A comparison was then made on how qualitative study investigates the experience of depression compared to quantitative study in the following aspects. Data collection This survey involved Semi structured interviews of fifteen young adults who had been diagnosed with and treated for the major depression disorder between the ages of 15-19. When collecting data, two approaches were used: qualitative and quantitative research. Quantitative approach on the experience of depression applied more easily than qualitative research. It involved sampling the fifteen teenagers and the interview was audio taped for further reference. When collecting this data, the findings were summarized as follows: all the fifteen adolescents experienced significant factors in their family concurrent with the time of their first episode e.g. hatred and been neglected, all the fifteen adolescents were not involved in planning or even involved in treatment during their hospitalization, depression caused these teenagers’ broken relationships and traditional school setting did not help the teenagers in dealing with depression hence the great impact. Data collected in quantitative research was hard and numerical. ...
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