Surgical Site Infection in Post-Op Patients

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SURGICAL SITE INFECTION IN POST OP PATIENTS Susan Avila-Brown Section A & B February 20, 2012 Introduction Surgical Site Infection refers to infections that occur after surgery on the body part where the surgery was done. These infections may at times be superficial infection that involves the skin only (Griffin, 2005).


Its impact on mortality, morbidity, and cost of health care has resulted in its identification as a top nationwide priority in the healthcare sector. The majority of surgical site infections are unnecessary and preventable to a large extent. They account for forty percent of all the infections acquired in hospitals. On top of that, they contribute to a longer recovery, further threat of other complications, additional pain, and even death in extreme cases. Research conducted has also revealed that surgical patients who develop complications from the surgical site infections are twice likely to die compared to those not infected (Dellinger, Hausmann & Bratzler, 2005). Furthermore, they have sixty percent more chance to be admitted in ICU, the hospital stay becomes longer, and lastly the readmission rate increase as six times more compared to those patients without infections (Griffin, 2005). These factors have demonstrated the need for interventions to prevent surgical site infections from affecting surgical patients. Several interventions are put in place by various groups to reduce surgical site infection rates and mortality of patients. These groups comprise the National Quality Forum, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. ...
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