Culture Care: Diversity and Universality Theory- 1985

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Nurse theorist paper, Culture Care: Diversity and Universality Theory- 1985 Catastrophes, turmoil, epidemics, incurable diseases, and increased spread of diseases warrant significant human care to avert possible health crisis and deaths. Additionally, global issues such as terrorism, war on terrorism, bioterrorism, racial discriminations, among others affect the way nurses handle their nursing profession.


However, the increasing cultural diversity, increased population, diverse health ailments, and increased modes of spreading diseases offer significant challenges to all health care personnel. The importance of health care is irreplaceable by any technological advancement because a personal touch is unique. As a result, many students enroll in nursing and clinicians field due to the significance attached to the field. But whether a student in nursing is in the clinical department, is a practitioner or a seasoned nurse, the challenges experienced from the patient population are similar and vary from different ethnic and racial groups. The response of patients to different medical procedures is not exclusive and hence a point of concern for all nurses. Governments, nongovernmental organisations, and individuals have made financial contributions to the field of nursing. Additionally, many research projects and medical studies that are in line with the aim of improving human care services have been undertaken. Many nursing models and theories discuss, explain, and help in administering effective human care in the nursing profession. Among her many contributions to nursing, Dr. Madeleine Leininger's nursing theory is a very fundamental in human care. ...
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