Knowledge and Competence and Professional Practice

Knowledge and Competence and Professional Practice Essay example
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Introduction Kozier (2002) suggest that nurses must do a proper assessment of patient in post-operative pain in order to deliver quality of care and also nurses must maintain the patient dignity when caring for their patients. However, in order to deliver these goals in a clinical set up, there is need for practicing midwifery professionals especially in the area of post operative recovery to possess relevant knowledge and skills in order to make informed decisions in this particular area of practice.


The essay will also discuss issues related to accountability as a nurse as well as factors that affect the decision making process and how this translates into professional practice. Analysis of the theories of knowledge, competence and professional practice The concept of knowledge is closely related to the theory of knowledge creation. Knowledge creation is not only concerned with dealing with objective information but it also takes into consideration insights that are highly subjective from members of the organisation and these are tested in order to be used by the other employees (Robbins, 1993). Basically, “knowledge creation is defined as the process of making available and amplifying knowledge created by individuals as well attempting to connect it with the organization’s knowledge system,”( Nonaka, Krogh & Voelpel 2006). New ideas are generated and these are helpful in the operations of the organisation as a whole. Having generated the required knowledge, it becomes imperative to formalise a continuous improvement of the knowledge through different management systems for the benefit of the organisation as a whole. ...
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