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Hand Wash Introduction: Health care is one where one specific area has to be more cautious, but currently it is found that the hygienic practices are given little care and interest. The topics of hygiene and the health care subjects are provided much by the nursing people.


“The term hand hygiene includes several actions intended to decrease colonization with transient flora. This objective can be achieved through hand washing or hand disinfection. Hand washing refers to washing hands with an unmediated detergent and water or water alone” (Pittet 2001, p. 234). The main research undertaken here is “Is medical staff less compliant with hand wash when using gloves?” The topic here deals with how the medical staff is less prone to providing complaints on the various kinds of hand wash when they the gloves. The topic leads to the controversy whether gloves help in reducing much of the effect of hand wash or that is not identified. Literature Review: Literature review is a systematic study that focuses on the various aspects involved in the study; it helps in providing in-depth information on the aspects of hand wash and hygiene. According to Katowa P. Mukwato, 1C.M. Ngoma, 2M. Maimbolwa in 1990, “Cleansing heavily contaminated hands with an antiseptic before patient contact can reduce nosocomial transmission of contagious diseases11. This evidence was provided for some 150 years ago. ...
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