Death and Dying, Rituals and Afterlife, Beliefs of the Ancient Greeks - Dissertation Example

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Death and Dying, Rituals and Afterlife, Beliefs of the Ancient Greeks

The ancient Greek had several beliefs related to the dead and dying, they had strong beliefs and rites which reflected the role of human soul, location and actions believed to have occurred after death and as a result they formulated strict rituals which were to be performed after a person died and their beliefs: which were interconnected with death played a fundamental role during the death rituals (Taylor 39-51). The funerals of the ancient Greek consisted of three acts which were observed to the minute detail. These acts comprised of the procedures of laying down the deceased’s body, the procession to the grave yard, and the actual burial of the cremated remains of the dead. Similar to most funerals in today’s civilized world; the ancient Greek displayed family wealth and kinship ties. It was both a ceremony and much like a social event to bid farewell to the dead as well as an act of consolation to the family of the deceased. However, this was a function that displayed the family’s wealth and kinship, it was further a rite of passage from the living soul to the afterlife and the main purpose was to support the soul along its journey to afterlife. ...
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In every culture there exists some special attention allocated to death and beliefs associated with death. One of the earliest activities of man deals with death, the taboos linked to death and the last respects given to those who have died…
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