Nursing Care for Domestic Violence during Pregnancy

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Nursing Care for Domestic Violence during Pregnancy NAME UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE NAME Abstract Domestic violence during pregnancy is extremely dangerous for the mother and the child and is fairly common with estimates ranging from 0.9% to 20.1% of mothers. This suggests that the nurse needs to be familiar with the signs and symptoms of domestic violence during pregnancy, as well as the complications for both mother and child.


Introduction Domestic violence is an important social issue, but also plays a huge role in the health of the expectant mother and her child. There is a number of ways that nurses can assess and deal with domestic violence. A pregnant woman who has been victim of domestic violence needs to be treated with confidence, care, and confidentiality, particularly because domestic violence can have a number of unfortunate physical and mental effects on the victim. The purpose of this paper is to explore the relationship between domestic violence and pregnancy, and the impact that battering can have on the expectant mother, both physical and mental. It will also explore how the nurse should deal with cases of domestic violence, including the assessment and care of these women, as well as what to expect from physical and mental examination of these patients. A final section will cover how I, as a future nurse, plan to address the issue in a clinical setting taking into account all the information covered within this paper. Provide an Overview of Domestic Violence as it Relates to Pregnancy Estimating the number of women that are affected by violence during pregnancy is extremely difficult for a number of reasons, but estimates place it from anywhere between 0.9% and 20.1%. ...
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