A Research Proposal on: The Effects of Coaching on Nurse Turnover

A Research Proposal on: The Effects of Coaching on Nurse Turnover Research Paper example
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A research proposal on: The effects of coaching on nurse turnover Abstract This paper seeks to present a research proposal on the effect of coaching on nurse turnover. The paper will present the proposed study’s statement of research and research design.


This means that there are far more underlying factors to the nursing shortage than lack of trainees in the field or lack of interest in the profession. Based on reported research findings, more than 60 percent of newly registered nurses leave the profession by their second year in practice and some of the main reasons for quitting have been lack of managerial support for the nurses and unfavourable working condition such as personnel strains. Senior nurses are also lost due to being worn out or loss of interest in the profession (Feldman, 2011). This has cast doubts on the effectiveness of management’s role in orienting and coaching personnel, especially new recruits, into the work environment. As a result, personnel leave the profession because they are not able to cope with the work environment. This research seeks to carry out an explorative review of nurses’ turnover. Aim of the research The aim of this research is to explore turnover rates in the profession and identify the relationship between nurses’ turnover rates and coaching. The research will rely on primary data and any available secondary data that relates to nurses ratings on coaching and chances of mobility. ...
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