The Affordable Care Act and Maternal Health Care

The Affordable Care Act and Maternal Health Care Essay example
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The Affordable Care Act and Maternal Health Care Name Institution Date The Affordable Care Act and Maternal Health Care Problem Identification When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act came into being on March 23, 2010, the intent was to have affordable, quality health care available to all Americans.


All levels were expected to collaborate and partner in the provision of health and development of the stated outcomes through evidence-based home visiting programs. The main reason this issue was addressed in the Act was to improve the coordination services for at-risk communities and the children therein (Russo, Wier and Steiner, 2009). It also aims at improving and strengthening programs and activities carried out for children protection. It also aims to identify any comprehensive services that should not be part of the healthcare system as a way of increasing attention to those living in at-risk communities. Those involved in the whole process include health practitioners, the state, community and federal health-based centers and agencies such as the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) and other partnering agencies. This issue was raised as a concern for the well-being of the children and as a means of enhancing healthcare from early childhood to the old age (Dann, 2008). It also encourages partnering agencies to strength the early childhood health system as a means of promoting health and the well-being of the pregnant mothers, children below 10yrs as well as their families. Such an effective and comprehensive agenda will allow more children to achieve the best healthcare program available and attract the support of other like-minded agencies. ...
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