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Sister Callista Roys Adaptation Model

With this exponential increase in the numbers of the aged, there also arises the dire need to age relevant physical activities that will assist them age well and in good health. This is where the Roy’s adaptation model can come in swiftly and handy too.
Nursing theories are useful in framing, explaining or defining the provision of nursing care (Kelly, 2011, 24). The Roy’s adaptation model of nursing, a useful nursing theory, was developed in 1976 by Sister Callista Roy after she was challenged as a graduate student by Dorothy E. Johnson (a member of the faculty) to come up with a conceptual model for nursing practice. Basically regarded a system’s model, the Roy’s adaptation model regards the person as a set of intertwined biological, social and psychological functions in which the person in question endears to achieve a healthy balance between these systems and the environment (Kelly, 2011, 67). The model however reckons that there will never be an absolute level of balance but rather the person is to try and live in a way that allows him/ her to adequately cope/ adapt (Kelly, 2011, 72).
The Roy’s adaptation model which involves a six-step nursing procedure basically entails four domain concepts of person, health, environment and nursing. In the model, person may be used to refer to people as individuals or in groups such as families, organizations, communities and the larger society. The person, functioning as a unity for some purpose, is an adaptive system described as a whole entailing entities and a bio-psycho-social being in incessant interaction with the varying environment. The person, as enshrined in the model, uses innate and acquired methods to adapt to the environment. The person is the adaptive system (Willis, Grace & Roy, 2008, 31).
Adaptation is described under the Roy’s model as a positive response to environmental changes. Adaptation is the goal of nursing in the model and ...
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We recently encountered an 86-year old man at the local medical center who had developed a myriad of medical complications, ranging from breathing difficulties to blood pressure anomalies that were basically a doing of lack of exercise that comes with old age and the embrace of…
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