Transformational Leadership According to Bennis and Nanus

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Transformational Leadership according to Bennis and Nanus Name Course title Name of Instructor Name of Institution Date of Submission Transformational Leadership Introduction Leadership is a function of a leader which involves application of the most effective strategies, skills and abilities to motivate the followers with a view of attaining a common purpose or goal for a specific organization, group, agency or institution (Salter, Green, Duncan, Berre, & Torti, 2010).


In 1985, Bennis and Nanus conducted a research on transformational leadership. Their research resulted in fresh and significant findings on what transformational leadership is (McKee, Driscoll, Kelloway, & Kelley, 2011). This research paper gives a critical analysis and research-based discussion on what transformational leadership is in accordance to the postulates of the study by Bennis and Nanus. The paper will specifically focus on transformational leadership within health care systems and the management of health care professionals. Bennis and Nanus Research on Transformational Leadership Bennis and Nanus noticed that corporations used quantifiable criteria to judge and evaluate their leaders and executives. These criteria included the technical competence of an executive, conceptual skills, people skills, track record, character, judgment and taste. In accordance to Bennis and Nanus, leadership competencies cannot be quantified (Trofino, 2008). ...
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