Policy and Politics in Nursing and Healthcare

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Policy and Politics in Nursing and Healthcare Name Institution Introduction United States health care system continues to face many momentous challenges. Since the movement away from the heavy-handed managed care, expenditures have risen again quickly and the number of uninsured people has followed suit.


It has been health care that has stirred national discourse and focused national attention for the past few years. During the intense debate over the health reform proposals that resulted in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 2010, we had a graphic illustration of how our health care and nursing system is made up of various organizations and groups that often cannot agree on how the system should be structured and strategies implemented. Scholars and researchers have tried to identify that quality health care is not accessible to all. This paper delineates health care policy in availing quality health care to all people. Implementing strategies to improve access to health care will benefit not only Missouri Citizens but also United States as a whole. House Bill 1467 “confronting Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care” was introduced by the legislators to increase access to health care for all. Andersen, Rice and Kominski (2007) assert that ethnic and racial disparities are the major factors that promote inequality in access to health care. ...
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