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Chronic Diabetic [Name of Student] [Name of Institution] Introduction There are two circumstances that may result in a person developing diabetes, a chronic condition characterized by raised blood sugar. First, diabetes occurs when the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin.


Examples of organs and systems in the body largely affected by chronic diabetes are the nervous and the circulatory systems and blood vessels (Evert, 2010). The defects in insulin secretion and functions that cause diabetes are predominantly found to affect the digestion and metabolism of biomolecules such as carbohydrate, fat and protein. The two key types of diabetes are Type 1 and type 2 diabetes. While type 1 diabetes normally occurs in children and adolescents, thus requiring lifelong insulin injections for management and survival, the type 2 diabetes mostly attacks adults and is often related to obesity, unhealthy eating habits/diets and inactivity. The latter is the most common type of diabetes, affecting about 90% of all diabetics in the world. From its causes, it may be deduced that type 2 diabetes can be treated by the implementation of some lifestyle changes, which would cause weight loss besides prescribed medications and insulin injections. There are other minor classifications of diabetes including gestational diabetes, which mainly develops during pregnancy (Evert, 2010). The other minor causes of gestational diabetes are acquired pancreatitis, diseases such as cystic fibrosis, certain drugs, viruses and genetic syndromes. ...
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