Process Improvement and Change Process:Disparities,Culture, and Language

Process Improvement and Change Process:Disparities,Culture, and Language Essay example
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Process Improvement and Change Process: Disparities, Culture, and Language Student’s name Course title Instructor’s name Institution’s name Date of Submission Introduction Contemporary cultural and language diversity has compelled global health sector to institute mechanisms that can sufficiently address cultural and linguistic diversity in their undertakings.


These challenges are however accelerated by the presence of staffs from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. To comprehensively address patient safety and diversity in healthcare, the global health sector ought to address four principal areas that include: collection and utilization of patients’ demographic data, leadership transformation, language service provision, and advancement of the process of acquiring the informed consent. Regulatory-enhancement or Change Needs Due to the emerging language complications in global healthcare institutions, healthcare management need to come up with a system that will provide language services development in all hospitals. Health care delivery centers should as well have effective mechanisms for identifying the linguistic needs of its patients. The understanding of the linguistic needs of patients will necessitate the adoption of proactive policies that will respect the provision of language services (Martinez, Cummings & Davison, 2004). ...
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