Role Transition from LPN to RN

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Role Transition from LPN to RN Role of a registered nurse is different from roles of a licensed practice nurse. A registered nurse is allowed to practice without instruction from another medical professional as well as giving instructions to a licensed practice nurse.


In the paper, I describe the goals that have motivated me to continue with my nursing education to become a registered nurse. Moreover, I discuss the problems and challenges that I expect in the course of my education program as well as how I expect to cope with the identified problems and challenges. Advancement in education is the key to the transition of roles from those of a licensed practice nurse to those of a registered nurse. According to Brunell (2007), some of the factors that could motivate individuals to further their education include need for career growth and development, need of enhancing professional accountability, and the organizational mission. The two goals that have motivated me to continue my nursing education are the goal of becoming a registered nurse and the goal of a sustained career growth. I believe that becoming a registered nurse would make me a more accountable nurse in the profession. This would enable me to provide high quality and specialized services to the patients I serve as a licensed practice nurse. Moreover, I feel I should not remain a licensed practice nurse throughout my career. This is because of the limit in terms of the scope and practice of LPN nurses. As a result, I feel that I need to further my education to advance my career and become a registered nurse. LPN and RN practice have several similarities and differences in terms of how they are undertaken. ...
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