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Nursing is vital aspect of healthcare industry that is linked to patient care. They ensure that patients’ healthcare needs are met and. At the same time, with personal care, empathy, sensitivity and optimistic approach, they help patients to cope with their illness and motivate them to become self-sufficient in taking care of their health.


As such, the personal philosophy of nurses becomes hugely pertinent as it influences the level of care and understanding vis-a-vis patient, disease and environment. Chitty (2007) has defined nursing as health care services that emphasize on helping people to maintain their health, prevent disease and disability, restore wellness, or facilitate a peaceful death. Nursing therefore not only delivers good medical care ethically but also focuses on preventive measures and promotes holistic well-being of individuals and patients. My personal philosophy is distinct in its holistic approach that looks at nursing from wider perspective of delivering care that promotes understanding of human values and environment. In a pluralistic society, understanding of cross cultural values becomes important elements of building relationship with patients. Trust and understanding are critical issues that significantly impact the welfare and recovery of the patients. Apart from honesty, integrity and positive attitude, respect for other people’s culture, ideology and religion are very important for me. These values help me to better understand my patients and their needs and deliver effective care. ...
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