post partum depression the nursing role

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Introduction Postpartum depression (PPD) is a clinical depression which is often faced by women after giving birth to a child. The overall prevalence rates of PPD range between 5% to 25%, however, due to certain methodological issues in measurement of results, the overall prevalence may not be easily determined.


Mood swings and emotional disturbance that are faced as a result of PPD not only affect the individual but influence the whole family; therefore, its management becomes critically significant. In this context, the nurses and other health workers who provide multiple health facilities and engage with mothers and their families have relatively larger role in helping them. Family centered maternity care practices therefore require that nurses play an active and rather a different role during this phase of child birth. It is critical that nurses must be able to clearly identify various relationships and how they may be affected if their patients suffer from PPD. Family centered maternity care suggests that nurses must play a larger role in overall management of childbirth. This paper will actually focus upon discussing the current research in the domain of PPD and will also provide a discussion on what has already been discussed during the course. Role of Nurses A nurse’s role varies depending upon the stage of the woman as well as the family during the child bearing process. This role becomes more critical especially if woman faces postpartum symptoms during the childbirth process and, consequently, whole family can become affected. ...
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