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Research Report Assessment Abstract A research study regarding heart failure (HF) patients was analyzed for its content as well as its presentation. The study discussed the relevance of adding family partnership intervention (FPI) with regards to the control of dietary sodium intake of an HF patient.


The implication of the study in nursing is that by adding family involvement in patient treatment, HF patients’ health could greatly be improved and sustained. Research Report Assessment Article Summary The study aimed to compare a family and patient education intervention (FPI) combined with family partnership intervention to see if the sodium intake of the heart failure (HF) patient would be improved. There were reports of the role of family members in helping regulate the sodium intake of HF patients, but these reports were not that many, thus the need for the study (Dunbar, et al., 2005). Using a sample size of n=61 with two studied groups, dietary sodium baseline (BL) and after three months (3M) by measuring urine sodium were compared. It was found out that while the differences were not significant between two groups, the group with added FPI intervention was able to decrease urine sodium levels by at least 15% (Dunbar, et al., 2005). It was concluded that the addition of FPI in the intervention program for excessive sodium intake in HF patients is very important aside from the educational intervention in improving their dietary sodium levels. ...
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