Evidence-Based Practices in Oncology Nursing

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Evidence-Based Practices in Oncology Nursing Name University Course Date Abstract Cancer has become a major health care problem today. With the health practices people are into today the prevalence of cancer and cancer related diseases has hit the mark on the community health scale and has drawn focus and attention of the health care arena.


Evidence Based practices in support of nursing has been expanding greatly and is now the focus of all nursing fields including oncology nursing in creating a demand to bring evidence tested knowledge and incorporating it into practice. With this, the society of oncology nurses or the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) is committed to identifying the evidence base for oncology nursing and demonstrating the impact of oncology nursing interventions on patient outcomes (Stanley, 2006, p. 142). Evidence-Based Practices in Oncology Nursing Evidence-based practice is a multi-step, dynamic process that incorporates best external data and best clinical judgment that is according to patient response to nursing interventions. Even one individual nurse may complete this process however a multidisciplinary team approach allows for even bigger perspectives on a clinical problem and provides a more precise outcome. ...
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