Ongoing Mental Health Needs: Major Depressive Disorder

Ongoing Mental Health Needs: Major Depressive Disorder Essay example
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Ongoing Mental Health Needs: Major Depressive Disorder Introduction This paper presents a case study of a chosen service user, one who is suffering from bipolar affective disorder. Patient X, a 35 year old female was admitted to the mental health unit after her mother observed her sullen and melancholy behaviour persisting for about three weeks.


She also had a history of attempted suicide. Her mother also observed that she felt tired all the time and was always sleeping. She was previously admitted a year ago for depression, underwent psychotherapy, and was given anti-depressants soon after. She has not attended any follow-up check-ups. Three months prior to her current consult, the patient’s mother consulted with the clinic about her daughter, expressing that after two weeks of manifesting severe depression, she was suddenly acting full of herself, having no care in the world, and often talked non-stop. She was also arrested for drunk and disorderly behaviour two weeks prior. She was later diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder. This paper shall provide a critical appraisal of the diagnostic label used in relation to the service user’s presenting behavioural features with reference to international classification. The impact and implications for service user and families, including long term prognosis and recovery will also be included. Thirdly, details of agreed treatment plan and nursing interventions would also be discussed. Next, a critical evaluation of any emerging legal, ethical, cultural issues in the provision of treatment and care for this service user will also be discussed. ...
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