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Nursing Research (Article Analyses) Name Institution Nursing Research (Article Analysis) 1. Research Objectives, Questions, or Hypothesis In the study conducted by Kalisch and Lee (2011), the researchers’ work had a basis on two research questions. The first question sought to answer the question whether the level of staffing in nursing predicted the level of teamwork, which was in relation to the size of the hospital and CMI (case mix index).


Though not explicitly stated as the objective of the research, the researchers used the purpose of the research study to provide the objective of the study. In this case, this is in line with nursing research whereby the purpose of the study entails “the aims or objectives the investigator hopes to achieve” (Haber, 2009, p.37). Kalisch and Lee (2011) did not indicate the hypothesis in their research study. However, Haber (2009) noted that the hypothesis in research does not have to be stated explicitly in a research study. Hence, the hypothesis of a study can be obtained from the discussion section. In this case, Kalisch and Lee (2011) provide the hypothesis of the study in the discussion section. Importantly, the researchers ensured that the hypothesis was in line with the research questions and objective of the study. In this case, the hypothesis of the study was a “higher proportion (skill mix) of nurse staffing (i.e., more RNs in the mix of staff) also results in better nursing teamwork” (Kalisch & Lee, 2011, p.86). ...
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