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This paper analyzes the study conducted by Kalisch and Lee and the researchers’ work which had a basis on two research questions. It discusses the objective of the research study which was to investigate the relationship between staffing of nursing levels and the teamwork that nurses showed while working in the setup…

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This paper approves that the research study focused on the attributes of gender, age, and professional qualifications of the nurses while conducting research. In line with this, the study conducted by the researchers involved 60% percent of the sample as nurses above 35 years. Therefore, it is evident that this attribute of age is crucial since these nurses had more than ten years of practice. Hence, they would offer more information due to their experiences in various facilities regarding the role of staffing and its influence on teamwork in nursing. In terms of the gender attribute as a demographic variable, the sample of the study had 89% females while the rest were males. Finally, the attribute of education whereby over 46% of nurses in the study possessed the qualification of a degree in nursing is important due to the skills mix that the researchers used in determining the levels of staffing.
The study used primary sources of data and secondary sources of data while conducting the research study. In this case, the researchers used existing data in order to argue their case to the reader and underline the importance of conducting the research study.
This essay makes a conclusion that the data collection technique was spread in duration of four weeks in each facility involved in the research study with the data protocol involving two phases. Importantly, each phase intended to achieve a different objective with the researchers first seeking the approval and support of the hospitals involved, which is the fundamental step in research ethics. In addition, the study relied on the use of questionnaires to collect the raw data from their subjects with each subject obtaining the survey in a sealed envelope. ...
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