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To determine whether maintenance of skin integrity is either giving monetary awards to CNAs/GNAs on a quarterly basis or not
Research Objectives


ting skin integrity on a quarterly basis, the study will aim to address the following objectives: 1. To explore the attitudes and perceptions of CNAs/ GNAs in healthcare settings towards the option of determining whether maintenance of skin integrity is by either giving monetary awards to CNAs/GNAs on a quarterly basis or not; and 2. To establish recommendations for future research, along with implications for practice, with regards to the training and support that is purposed for medical practitioners in healthcare settings. 3. To determine the association of the monetary award to CNAs/GNAs skin integrity promotion. Literature Review For ischemia of soft tissue to come about, the pressure in the external part of the body must exceed the pressure in the capillaries so as to obstruct the flow of blood. The minimum pressure for which the capillaries would close is about 32mmHg. ...
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