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Research Backing Inappropriate Breastfeeding Tendencies Name Institution Breastfeeding tendencies are a momentous problem due to the increased role of women in the workplace and the failure by nurses to educate postpartum mothers on the importance, approaches, and duration to breastfeed their babies.


According to World Health Organization (2009), breast milk is the perfect natural food for babies. According to this article, breast milk is composed of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins that are perfectly mixed appropriate for the development of physiology in babies. Breast milk according to this article, contains protective substances that provide the baby with immunity to diseases. This article shows that during the early stages of the life of the baby, breast milk meets virtually all the nutrients required by the baby and there is no other fluid including water is required noting that breast milk is composed of 88% water which is enough to satisfy the thirst of an infant. This article summarized research showing that infants need to be breastfed exclusively for the first six months. This article indicates that those babies who are exclusively breastfed for period of six months have on average 8.6 times lower risks of the diarrheal illness. In this same article it is recommended that breastfeeding should continue along with the solid food introduction such as complimentary feeding for not less than 23 months. This implies according to this study that the minimum period that is needed to adequately nourish a growing child is 2 years though some parents might wish to continue with breastfeed for a period beyond this. ...
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