Concept of analysis of Compliance

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Concept of analysis of Compliance Name Institution Course Date Introduction Compliance is the degree to which behavior is in accordance to physicians’ health care advice or instructions. It is either a status of being in accord with established specifications, guidelines, or legislation and the process of becoming so.


Nurses can embrace a transactional or interactive process in order to form a client partnership, which allows a client to make choices in decision making about a prescribed behavior. Rationale The purpose of the study is to show the attributes and factors that influence nurses compliance in relation with standard precautions in order to shun occupational exposure to bacteria and pathogens, by using a qualitative research methodology. These are the set of guidelines aimed at protecting nurses from exposure to infectious pathogens since nurses can acquire infection during nursing care provision due to exposure to microorganisms, and this can be through needle sticks or exposure to air-borne transmitted micro-organisms. Compliance is of interest to nursing in order to avoid microorganisms’ exposure. It is a legal obligation for the nurses to adhere to the laid down guidelines in the profession. On hand hygiene, use of hand gloves is a requirement by law to prevent exposure to body fluids (Taylor 2006). Nurses should implement every component of standard precaution while conducting a clinical practice and take measures to keep away from exposure to pathogens. All nurses are also obliged to use the necessary means to protect their health by use of face masks and gloves. ...
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