Pressure ulcers: home based nursing

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The study on home based ulcer care aimed at exposing the concepts underlying the unique nature of pressure ulcers in the home setting. As such, the study was to prove the uniqueness of pressure ulcers to patients who received care at home and provide knowledge for effective nursing for clients suffering from pressure ulcers.


As a result, there is a large preference to treat the condition in a home setting to stay clear of the above negative impact of hospital settings. Another concept or fact underlying the study is that it was perceived and recorded as the primary cause of death for roughly 30 Australians in the year 2008 arousing further curiosity on its treatment and other issues (Kapp and Annells, 2010). In hospitals, patients undergo plenty of trauma or pain based on the equipment and degradation of one’s quality of life by having to stay still and experiencing equipment and reduced functionality. As a result, this created the essence of a study focusing on home based care. The methods used in the study measured the common and unique features of pressure ulcers to involved persons. As such, hermeneutic phenomenology methods were used, as it was a qualitative study, rather than a quantitative requiring the use of empirical data (Kapp and Annells, 2010). Questions based on life and experiences focusing on health issues were used in order to discern the best methods in nursing practices for pressure ulcers. Due to this, patients were required to have similar characteristics that did not bring about the issue of confounding. As a result, all patients used in the study were of 65 years and older and without any form of cognitive deficiencies or impairments. ...
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