Depression is just a woman's thing. Discuss.

Depression is just a woman
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Depression is just a woman’s thing. Discuss. Student Name: Course: Professor: Date: Introduction Human beings have always suffered from depression because of certain problems encountered in life. Depression is psychologically. Depression occurs in the human mind.


Animals do not have mind and therefore cannot suffer from mental sickness. They are only liable to biological sickness, and this can be properly taken care of by the veterinary doctors. Because of the presence of the mind, man can suffer from depression. In this study, we are going to look into the meaning of depression with an attempt to probe the causes, as well as the symptoms. We are also going to look at certain factors that determine depression as well as how it occurs in the two genders; male and female. What is depression? Depression is a period when one feels sad and anxious with symptoms such as extreme sadness and lack of sleep. It is normal for a person to feel sad or disappointed in life. This is not something that should give one a major concern, but something is really wrong when such feelings exceed more than two weeks. (What is depression? 2005). It becomes a sign that someone is suffering from depression. Hence, temporary feeling of sadness cannot be called depression because it does not have a medical concern, but major depression is something that needs a medical attention. This is because of its drastic effect on the whole person both psychologically and physically. In Britain, 1 out of 4 people experiences depression in any given year. This is the statistics that is commonly quoted in the United Kingdom. ...
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