An episode of learning and teaching as a mental health nurse

An episode of learning and teaching as a mental health nurse Essay example
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Student’s Name Instructor’s name The Course Date An episode of teaching and learning as a mental health nurse Introduction Mental health nursing encompasses a complex background of concepts, theories, policies, and competencies. It mainly centers on a working alliance for the recovery journey of persons with problems relating to mental health.


2-20; Stickley &Bassett 2008, pp. 544-574). This paper seeks to provide a report of the teaching and learning episode on mental health education while taking into account learning theories and styles, their practical application and outcomes. The teaching and learning context involved the student nurse teaching service users while at the same time learning from the assessor. The student nurse remained the teacher, service users as the learners and the registered nurse as assessor for the entire teaching and learning period. Additionally, other nurses and caregivers constituted the observers. While undertaking the practice, the teaching activity centered on service users adopting, improving and maintaining a positive physical well-being in relation to mental health education. Through an understanding of the attitudes and informed knowledge, nurses enable service users or mental health patients to recover by employing appropriates skills. The utilization of a holistic and person-centered approach to assessment and recovery employs empathetic dialogue in which the user’s experience and meaning in the context of their lives becomes understood. ...
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