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Pain Management in Children Name Institution Pain Management in Children Section C: Research Support Research base for the proposed solution One of the most important outcomes of evidence-based research is to ensure that healthcare professionals provide quality care to their patients.


Savory and Bennett (2006) noted that effective management of pain starts with ensuring accuracy during the assessment and evaluation of pain in children. While the most fundamental approach of evaluating and assessing pain is through self-reporting, it is evident that children are not able to communicate the pain they experienced to their mothers and healthcare professionals. In effect, Savory and Bennett (2006) identifies the importance of effective training of nurses who took care of children in order to ensure that the nurses understood the behavioral and physiological approach towards assessment and evaluation of pain in children, which underlines the importance of a pain nurse who will be visiting the wards each day. On the other hand, Twycross (2010) identified the importance of a pain nurse visiting the pediatric ward and noted that the nurse provides support to other nurses in the ward to make decisions regarding the assessment and evaluation of pain in children. In effect, the pain nurse reduces stress associated with decision-making in regard to the intervention measures that the nurses use to asses, control, and manage pain in children. ...
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