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Pain Management in Children Name Institution Pain Management in Children Section C: Implementation Plan Plan for implementing the proposed solution As earlier mentioned, pain management in children is essential in ensuring that a hospital provided quality care to its patients.


However, the hospital cannot involve the four nurses in the pediatric ward, which consequently requires the identification of one nurse who has extra training on children care. The identified nurse will be given the responsibility of equipping nurses with skills to assess, manage, and control pain in children. In addition, the pain nurse will provide the pediatric ward nurses with the skills to incorporate parents during pain management in order to provide personalized care. Resources required for proposed change In order to achieve successful implementation of any program, or proposed change, it is essential to allocate adequate resources that supported the implementation of the proposed change. In line with this, the fundamental resources required to implement this proposed change are not financial in nature, but they revolve around the availability of human resources in the hospital. In this case, the hospital requires a pain nurse who has pediatric training in order to handle the lead role of pain management in the hospital’s pediatric ward. On the other hand, the nurse requires the resource of time to train nurses in the pediatric ward and equip them with the skills required to assess, manage, and control pain in children. In line with this, financial resources will play an essential role in providing the materials required for training. ...
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