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Pain Management in Children Name Institution Abstract There are many challenges that hinder the achievement of quality care in a healthcare facility. One of these problems is the issue of pain management in children, which affects many healthcare facilities in the contemporary society.


In this case, researchers identify two fundamental methods of effective management of pain in children as involving families in order to understand the child's cognitive aspects while individualizing the management of pain in children. On the other hand, research identify the importance of a pain nurse visiting the pediatric ward every day and assessing whether nurses used the most appropriate approaches. The plan for implementing this solution will use a two-pronged approach. In the first approach, the solution identifies the most effective pain nurse with the requisite skills required in order to train nurses on the approaches that focused on effective management of pain in children. The pain nurse requires financial and human resources that will enhance the training procedure. Monitoring the proposed solution involves an assessment that my mentor and I should carry out in order to ensure that the solution achieved its objectives. Thereafter, the implementation involves the use of McNiff eight-step model that are sequential. Nonetheless, the feasible nature of the solution makes its implementation crucial. Using peer-reviewed journals, which are qualitative research studies, researchers identify various approaches of assessing, managing, and controlling pain in children. ...
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