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“Invisibility of Nursing” Name Institution For a long time, nurses rely on word of mouth for passing of information and knowledge. Nurses tend to use informal notes when reporting to other nurses verbally, instead of using care plans and patient records.


However, data used by nurses in providing care is time and again unmanageable and extensive, due to the fast explosion of nursing knowledge globally. Nursing Minimum Data Set(NMDS), solves this issue; it can be defined as “… a minimum set of items of information with uniform definitions and categories concerning the specific dimension of nursing which meets the information needs of multiple data users in the healthcare system…” ( Werley et al., 1991, p. 422) . It is a tool modelled for collection of nursing data, which is standard, uniform and comparable that is used across different settings and different groups of patients. NMDS creates a minimum set of important core data used by nurses; in other words, NMDS standardizes the process of collecting essential nursing data. Public health nurses use NMDS in their practises in addition to comparing resource consumption and nursing care across other settings (Dick, & Steen, 1991). In development and promotion of standardized terminologies, patient and nursing care data is collected at first either electronically or manual through paper based systems. This is done from different selected samples. Thereafter, the collected data is analysed using different methods of data analysis. The analysis enables outcomes on nursing diagnosis and patients outcomes. After the analysis, feedback on nursing care is presented. ...
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