Theory and Knowledge Development in Nursing

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Theory and Knowledge Development in Nursing (Name) (Tutor’s Name) (Date) Theory and Knowledge Development in Nursing 1. The Relationship of Theory as a Guide for Nursing Knowledge Nursing knowledge is the way by which a wide range of caring for patients is done by using theoretical and practical knowledge.


And the methods used to apply knowledge can be differed according to the convenience and particularity of the situations. Nursing is both a profession and a discipline nursing as field profession is a practice and when we consider it as knowledge it is a discipline. There are a number of theories advocated by scientists. Theories are definitely the backbone of any discipline and nursing is no exception here. Here I would like to make a brief explanation on the components of theory. Theory consists concepts that are inevitable for practice guidance. Nursing theories are formed out of concepts, definitions assumptions with or without the help of other disciplines or derived from different particular instances; and there are a number of inter- relationships made between them for predicting, explaining and prescribing things (Nursing Theories: An Overview). Theories universally contain concepts, prepositions, metaparadigm, philosophies and conceptual models. Concepts are occurred in mind as ideas on a phenomenon. This is an intellectual process through intuition. They indicate and signify ideas observations or experiences. For instance, relief can be an idea in nursing. Concepts can be useful in creating knowledge on phenomena. These concepts also are supported by constructs. Generally concepts are of three kinds; empirical, inferential and abstract. ...
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