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The study sought to investigate the experiences of three generations of African American women in their transition to motherhood. The study utilized a Hermeneutic phenomenology from an Afrocentric feminist perspective as the methodological approach which also included the snowball technique, a purposive sample of 18 African American women.


The research data has shown that there is need for future development of theoretical frameworks and analytical tools that are used to assess effects of stress and psychological factors on health ought to be grounded in the historic understanding of African American experience on the family and their knowledge of culture. The study also found out that the concept of motherhood is a source of power among women and their families and it also noted that the media shapes our perceptions about good or bad mothers. The main strength of the study is that it sought to outline empirical evidence about the experiences that are faced by African American women in their transition to motherhood. These people are certainly impacted by both sociological and cultural factors such as class structures that are racially based in different societies in America. These factors have a bearing on the experiences that are often encountered by the African American women as they develop into motherhood stage. Previous researches have excluded how factors such as race, class and gender impact on African American women on their maternal role attainment. ...
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